Friday, October 14, 2005


There were II many reasons not II
only one II
just for something
that wasn't there
Come on,
what a triumph of unconditional faith!
what a sacrilegious religion!
But what pains more
is not the uncommitted or uncommon.
It’s a question of un-
of answers unquestioned, unreplied
questions unasked, unanswered

- Perhaps I'm a monster?
- Perhaps you are - I comply, remaining silent.
Why be so undemonstrative?
There lay more demons
on this stratum of clay. -
"It's laid to a great many more than three"
Lying and lies connected too close,
also in Russian.

- I'm not quite a man.
- No, you are not - I agreed
meaning: gentle
not meaning: manner
the greedy undoing of
the miracle worked for years
four and a half, to be precise.
What you didn't complete then and there
I'm unwinding/unwounding slowly, two years late at least.

Greenish light from the garden
much enlivened the watery air.
Trees, you explained, were orange and lemon.
- You can get an orange. – ‘I don't see any.’
- ‘There isn't any,’
- ‘Then it wasn't very civil of you to offer it.’
- ‘It wasn't very civil of you...’ all this stays unsaid.
I wasn't an alice, outspoken and sensible.
you weren't much of March Hare, deranged and impolite,
only sly and, in my case, slaying
as every minor deity should be.

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